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Friday, September 2nd, 2016

From the desk of Coach Strick:

If you are reading this page there is a good chance you are not feeling 100%.

Perhaps your vitality has slowly declined over the years even to the point where you have sought out medical help.

Did you seek help only to find that your test results were "normal"?

When insisting there was something wrong with you did your doctor want to put you on anti-depressents because they could find nothing else wrong with your labs?

Hi, my name is Shawn Strickland but you can call me Coach Strick. 

If the above scenerio sounds familar or if you suffer from fatigue, pain, digestive issues, brain problems, weight issues, or just don't feel right then you may want to consider all your options before chosing which path you will go down. 

Let's compare just a couple of your options, the conventional medical model and holistic health coaching. 

Conventional Medicine
  •  Treats Symptoms
  • Often Leads to More and More Prescription Drugs
  • Good for Acute Care Situations
  • Conflict of Interests (Follow the money)
  • Health Problems Persist
  • Very Expensive Cost
Holistic Health Coaching
  • Looks for the Root Cause
  • Often Leads to Reduction or Elimination of Drugs
  • Good for Long Term Health
  • Principles Have Been Used Before Conflicts Existed
  • Health Problems Resolved and Vitality Improved
  • Very Smart Investment

You may be thinking... I just need to exercise more and go on a diet and you may be right, but my guess is that you are not even close.

You see I started my career in health and fitness 10 years ago as a personal trainer.

I wanted to help people lose weight and feel better, but I found that something was terribly wrong!

Over the years I have discovered many things that are believed to be solid truths by both the average and professional health enthusiast are in fact not solid at all and in some cases the opposite of the truth. 

I found that many times people would workout until there was nothing left but a pile of sweat but still were not getting results! I also had people choose to eat very minimal calories and not see the results they were looking for.

I started to wonder how is this possible?

If you take the stand of the traditional trainer or health professional the answer is quite simple. They are LYING! There is no way they could work so hard or eat so little and not lose weight. "It's Science" they might proclaim.

And for some of the people they could be right. The clients could be lying about their calorie intake either intentionally or unintentionally and the resulting calorie surplus could be the cause of their lack of weight loss.

But, after ten years of seeing the same thing over and over again I have come to a different conclusion.

That being the body is a complex organism with uncountable reactions and processes going on every second to keep you alive and that in today's current living environment many times diet and exercise are not enough! 


By the time you have symptoms like headaches, joint pain, digestive issues, fatigue, or any one of the numerous other possible symptoms your body had to be out of balance prior.

All these symptoms are regarded as normal today and most people don't think twice about popping a couple of pills to make the pain go away even if just for awhile. But any symptom you have is a signal from your body telling you that something is not right. 

If you treat the symptom many times you will only make your situation worse. Yeah you might have some short term immediate relief but you will probably pay for it down the road in side effects, a progression of the original problem, or worse! 

You don't need to treat the symptom you need to find the root cause to your problem! 

Do you have any symptoms?

Have you ever wondered why you have the symptom? If not, you should!

Your body is a holistic system and everything is connected. So you could be having pain in one part of the body and it could be caused by something on the other end of your body. You could have pain from organs that refer pain to different parts of the body.

The body is very complex but this fact is very simple... if you have pain or malfuction in your body there is a reason! 

Enter Holistic Health Coaching with Coach Strick

My job as a holistic health coach is help you find your blocking factors (the things that are holding you back from vibrant health) and guide you towards eliminating them and creating optimal health. 

So how do you find blocking factors?

That is where coaching comes in...

How it Works


You, as a client, will fill out detailed questionaires about your current state of health and issues you may be having. 


We will have an inital consultation to discuss the questionaires and I will determine a course of action.


Depending on the questionaires and the inital consultation I will recommend certain funtional lab test to help us discover your hidden blocking factors.


I will interprete the labs and develop a plan for you to start working on. Over the course of six months we will have two phone calls each month to check progress and readjust the plan as necessary. 

As you can tell this is extremely different from most forms of health care today.

This type of health coaching is concerned with the entire body not just the problem area.

I look for the root cause of the issue and don't try to treat symptoms.

I help you uncover the blocking factors that are holding you back via questionaires, coaching, and functional lab test. 


"Many times diet and exercise are not enough!"


What's Included?

Here is what included with the 6 month holistic health coaching program with Coach Strick.

  • Lab Interpretation - You will have all of your labs functionally interpreted including a functional blood interpretation. 
  • 6 months of Health Coaching - You will get 6 months of holistic health coaching which includes:
  • 1 - 1 hour Inital Consult - This consult will help to answer any remaining questions and start your journey off on the right foot. 
  • 1 hour Results and Recommendations Calls - You will get a 1 hour Results and Recommendation call after the initial consult and after every time you do a retest to see improvements.
  • 12 - 30 minute (2 per month) Health Coaching Calls - Each month you will have 2 - 30 minute Health Coaching calls where we will navigate your changing health environment and help you stay on the right path. 
  • Unlimited Email and Text Support - You will have unlimited email and text access to me to keep you on your health path.

Free Bonuses!

Book your Free 15 minute consult Today and also recieve the following FREE bonuses...

Free Bonus #1

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition - DRESS for Health Success Companion Guide. 

This 43 page PDF details the five important aspects of health that will help guide you on your health journey. This bonus PDF is worth the cost of the program alone and if followed can generate outstanding improvements in health. 

Free Bonus #2

PT Enhance Access

You will have 6 months of access to the online portal that enables you to complete all your questionaires online and recieve high quality educational videos and documents.

Free Bonus #3

Free Healthy Meal Plans

You will have 6 months of meal plans that are gluten, sugar, and dairy free! These are great tasting, high quality, healthy meals that will help fuel your body and develop health from the inside out.

"Any symptom you have is a signal from your body telling you that something is not right."



Q: What is Holistic Health Coaching?

A: Holistic Health Coaching is a method of health coaching that looks at the whole body and attempts to find the root cause of your problems and uncover hidden blocking factors that are keeping you from vibrant health.

Q: How is Holistic Health Coaching different from conventional medical care?

A: Conventional medical care is great for emergency care but not so good for long term health. Holistic Health Coaching looks for the root cause and in many cases the coventional medical system only prescibes medications for symptoms. 

Q: How is Holistic Health Coaching different from personal training?

A: Personal training is very different depending on the personal trainer. Most personal training is focused on the physical aspect of health and wellness and that is o.k. But as I stated earlier there are many things that need to be addressed in health and wellness. 

Q: How is Holistic Health Coaching with Coach Strick different from other types of health coaching?

A: Coach Strick views the body holisticlly and has training from Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and Holistic Lifestyle Coaching from the CHEK Institute. Coach Strick also uses functional lab test to help discover blocking factors that are keeping you from vibrant health.

Q: Who is this for?

A: This is for anyone that cares about their health and is willing to put in the work necessary to get the results they want. Anyone that is intrested in why they have certain symptoms and not just what medication will stop the pain. 

Q: Who is health coaching not for?

A: Holistic Health Coaching is not for you if you think taking a pill to cover a symptom sounds like a good plan and don't care about the long term consequences or you do not want to put in any effort into your health.

Q: Why is the program 6 months?

A: The program is 6 months long because it takes awhile to rebuild you health. Like I said if you have symptoms that means there was disfunction in the body prior. Many people have been dealing with many different sypmtoms for years and have shrugged them off as normal or have "learned" to live with them. These things take time to uncover and correct. Many people want the short term fix and that is why many people only get worse over the years.

Q: How do I get started?

A: Set up an initial 15 minute consultation by Clicking Here and entering your contact information. 

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